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San Vito lo Capo Climbing

On the coast between Palermo and Trapani are kept the treasures of the most beautiful rocks of the island. Walls that make you dizzy one after the other for dozens of miles along the beautiful and rugged coastline, in a unique and spectacular scenery. San Vito Lo Capo is the center of this big mineral stage. Known as one of the most famous seaside resort in Sicily, with it’s white  sand beaches and a beautiful blue sea, is an ideal base for excursions into the natural reserve of  the Zingaro, and nearby Segesta and Erice. San Vito Lo Capo is also known for the typical culinary specialties of seafood and typical Cous Cous Trapanese. Today, thanks to the numerous climbing routes *, this tranquil resort is one of the largest ski climbing in southern Italy. The great walls of Monaco and Mount Cofano have always attracted climbers in search of adventure. Today the real attraction for many climbers from all over Europe, this is the beautiful cliffs equipped for climbing. There are almost four-way nail on perfectly good rock. The cliffs offer shots of all difficulties, from easy slabs suitable for children and beginners, to steep walls of the caves, an ideal playground for the top climbers.
In the month of October, against the backdrop of the cliffs of San Vito lo Capo will host the second edition of San Vito Climbing Festival, an international meeting of climbing.
The spirit of the event, where climbers from all over Europe are compared on the rocks of Sicily, is to live four intense days of climbing in one of the most beautiful island in a festive atmosphere for all participants.

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